As an architect, I have been blessed to work with residential projects that have received LEED for Homes certification. I would like to share some knowledge into this connecting process for people who are considering their future home extension project. IN the event that you are adding an extension to your home, there are different things you have to do and consider to guarantee that the entire procedure runs easily and doesn’t end up costing you dearly to put right.

The first and most vital thing are to pick up planning permission from your local authorities, as though you don’t get authorization the extension may be torn down which obviously would be extremely frustrating having spent thousands on building it in any case. Obviously, you will likewise require developers; however, before the development starts an architect and maybe conceivably even a project manager ought to be included as well. Some building firms may have organizations that they use routinely for their work, however, they may not all that you may need to do the exploration yourself to guarantee that you get proficient firms who won’t disappoint you. Let your home loan supplier and any building insurance agencies think about your plans as well. Your mortgage lender really possesses your home until you have paid the greater part of the money that is owed to them, and they do this by a method for a charge against your property meaning they should be told of any progressions that are planned on the house.

Be confident about your goals

How you approach your home extension Leeds ought to be guided by the reason for the work. Whether you are attempting to expand salability or making that impeccable space for your eternity home is clear what your long terms plans are and assurance these are reflected in the choices made all through the project.

Bring an Open personality

Indeed, even a little home speaks to an extensive investment. Thus new customers frequently have a settled thought of the completed outcome; be that as it may, it is constantly worth keeping a receptive outlook. Regularly a possibility discussion can give the ideal answer for a specific issue that you have been battling with, or a moment combine of eyes may upgrade an officially extraordinary thought. Therefore, whether you are using an Architect, or essentially using a builder it is constantly worth getting your venture group gathered ahead of schedule all the while.


You may wish your home to appear to be vague to the current house, or you may wish to make a contemporary expansion. Whichever it is a couple elements should be held as the main priority, especially if your plan requires planning authorization.

Planning Approval and allowed expansion

Allowed development rights allow you to build a genuinely huge extension (even two stories), without requiring planning permission. The guidelines that control allowed development are very convoluted and can limit many parts of the plan. In the event that allowed improvement starts to limit how you may have the capacity to use your new expansion then it merits responsibility a planning portal.


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